Collage works.

“Yearning to Fulfill”, c. 2022

“Familiar Dreamer”, c.2020

“They tried to bury us, but didn’t know we were seeds.”, c.2020

“Untitled”, c.2020

“When The Day Breaks”, c.2020

“Uncovering”, c. 2021

“In Flow with Jo”, 2022

“Joy Lives”, c. 2021

“On the Otherside, We Bloom”, c. 2020

“Divine Trinity”, c. 2021

“Missy Mist”, c. 2022

“Sly Stone”, c.2018

“Birthed From Within”, c. 2022

“Dump Truck”, c. 2017

“Baldwin”, c. 2015

“Are You A Dreamer”, c.2020

“Carrying Tomorrow’s Yesterday”, c. 2020

“She Was Earth”, c.2018

“Still in softness”, c.2020